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    Employability of those who graduate from institutions of higher learning has always been a matter of serious concern in our country. Many studies have found that a large number of graduates are not employable immediately after their graduation because they lack skills, and other ingredients required by the employment market.  Hence, to sharpen various skills of our students along with regular bachelor course, we offer a host of short term programs. In these short terms programs, we combine knowledge, know-how and strengthen our students to face academic and professional challenges. Students are free to choose any one of the Add on Courses (one course in each academic year) on first come first served basis.


    Name of the Course Contact Person
    Event Management Shri. V. R. Pawaskar
    (English Dept.)
    Touch Typing Shri. V. R. Pawaskar
    (English Dept.)
    Adventure Instructor Basic Course         Shri. V. R. Pawaskar
    (English Dept.)
    Public Speaking Shri. V. R. Pawaskar
    (English Dept.)
    Devnagri Typing Dr. Rupa Chari
    (Hindi Dept.)
    Shudh Hindi Kaise Likhen Dr. Rupa Chari 
    (Hindi Dept.)
    Nivedan Shaili Dr. Rupa Chari 
    (Hindi Dept.)
    Art of Map Making Dr. C. P. Hiremath
    (Geography Dept.)
    Disaster Management Dr. C. P. Hiremath 
    (Geography Dept.)
    Travel & Tourism Dr. C. P. Hiremath 
    (Geography Dept.)
    Tourism Management Dr. Jagmohan Singh
    (Economics Dept.)
    Human Resource Management Mrs. Kshama Desai
    (Commerce Dept.)
    Basics of Archeology Ms. Domitel D'souza
    (History Dept.)
    Theatre Skills Dr. Purnanand Chari
    (Konkani Dept.)
    Journalism  Dr. Pramada Desai
    (Marathi Dept.)
    Basics of Library Science Dr. Pramada Desai
    (Marathi Dept.) 
    Retail Management Mrs. Kshama Desai
    (Commerce Dept.)
    Basics of Chartered Accountancy Mrs. Kshama Desai
    (Commerce Dept.)
    Women Empowerment Shri. Arvind Haldankar
    (Sociology Dept.)
    Learn Portuguese Language          Ms. Domitel D’souza
    (Dept of History)
    First Aid Shri. Savio Leita0
    (Physical Education)

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